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W.H.O. and YOU

Updated: Mar 7, 2022

Often parties in a dispute are so emotionally connected to their perceptions of the other party that moving toward a voluntary resolution is not possible without help and guidance from a professional mediator. So, how can you overcome your emotions during mediation without feeling like you are losing :

  1. First, each party should be Willing to allow the mediator to guide the process toward resolution - that's the W.

  2. Second, each party should be Honest with the mediator during the process even if one must ask to share some details in private - that's the H.

  3. Third, each party should be Open to the possibility of finding a resolution to some or all of the issues presented - that's the O.

Remember that mediation is a process which works best when you participate willingly, share honestly and remain open to the possibility of finding an agreeable resolution to your dispute. Mediation offers no guarantees but if a resolution is possible, the W.H.O. is your best chance to get to it.

John R. Surprenant, JD

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